Life in your Fortress of Solitude – Part 3

For this part of Life in your Fortress of Solitude, let’s look into covering our basic needs in our regime. These will vary a bit, but here are the highlights that I’ve found work well for not just getting through lockdown mentally and financially in one-piece, but to thrive in this time too…

Naming Characters and Locations

You’ve reached the critical mass of pronouns or alluding to the protagonist by characteristics, and it’s starting to look a bit silly; you just know you’ll have to go back and edit that out later. For now, you sit there. Stuck at naming a major character or location, feeling the pressure to pen the perfect name. Sound familiar? If so, you’re in luck, because this week’s focus is on naming characters and locations.

Life in your Fortress of Solitude – Part 2

In this week’s Life in your Fortress of Solitude, let's talk about changing your schedule during the Covid-19 lockdown, and a story about dealing with anxiety while still being able to achieve your goals, which are okay to revise.