A poem for grim city AMs

Living deep in an unfamiliar PLACE

When I was writing pretty poor poetry, this girl with midnight black hair told me to go on.

Carl Sandburg

waking up

outside there is a wailing, staggered
footsteps and a crackle of broken glass
inside I am considering if the brown
at the bottom of my
mug is worth washing out or
if the take-away from this afternoon is
worth eating cold
in the end I decide neither
but listen to the drunk chatter outside
the warble of sirens and shriller voices
wondering who is
Jackie and why she’d do something like that

“day” by Lauren Plevy.

Hey again, hope you had fun trying something new over the bank holiday weekend! If you didn’t, well, today’s a good a day as any to start!

Speaking of something not so new…

I found fragments of this one in a notebook from uni’ (which is way longer ago now than it feels), when I was playing around with realistic and grimy poetry by the looks of the shambles of scribbles around it.

It felt worth editing and posting, since it’s such a contrast to the picturesque and natural imagery of last week’s poem. Plus is goes to show that no matter where you are, you can get inspiration for writing from the strangest or most banal situations.

Next week tune in for a few tips for writing poetry that I’ve learned along the way, either from fantastic teachers, books or just plain old trial and error.

If you have any questions you’d like answering, or any specific areas you want to cover (editing, inspiration, formatting… anything!) pop a comment below or DM me to be answered next week!

This week’s featured image is day by Lauren Plevy.

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