Paige Cassley

Painter – Writer

I was born in the real-world equivalent of Middle Earth, also known as the Lake District in the UK.

Having spent most of my childhood hiking mountains, practising archery and reading nigh everything I could get my hands on, I soon started to find myself writing my own stories and poems.

Leaving the countryside for university, studying (what else?) Literature, I found Chester and though I love to visit the mountains back home, there aren’t many places you can live where Roman soldiers wander and the city is encompassed by over 2,000 years old walls.

An avid fan of all things fantasy, sci-fi and poetic, it was only a matter of time before wanting to create my own space to explore some of these favourite things online with likewise interested people.

It then seemed like a good idea to try to get these original poems and stories published. That’s where we are now with Ink smudges in the rain and some other background works in progress…

What I write:
  • Poetry
  • Modern day
  • Writing 101: advice for all
  • Sci-fi
  • Fantasy
  • Supernatural horror/crime