Life in your Fortress of Solitude – Part 3

For this part of Life in your Fortress of Solitude, let’s look into covering our basic needs in our regime. These will vary a bit, but here are the highlights that I’ve found work well for not just getting through lockdown mentally and financially in one-piece, but to thrive in this time too…

Life in your Fortress of Solitude – Part 2

In this week’s Life in your Fortress of Solitude, let's talk about changing your schedule during the Covid-19 lockdown, and a story about dealing with anxiety while still being able to achieve your goals, which are okay to revise.

Life in your Fortress of Solitude

Remember all those memes about “would you stay a month in this isolated cabin without internet for 1 million dollars?” and most of us thought doi yes I would! Imagine all the I would get done without distraction! Well now that’s being put to the test, except we still have the ‘net. It’s arguably one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when trying to get things done. Welcome to 2020’s replacement Olympics: The Isolation Games. Part 1 of "Life in your Fortress of Solitude", where we're looking at the exciting issues of scheduling...

Writing set-up

With the prospect becoming increasingly likely that many of us will need to self-quarantine for 14 days at some not-so-distant point, let’s talk about having a good writing set-up. Because let’s face it, when you’re actually not allowed to leave the house, it’s going to be a choice between cracking the back of your project(s) or your sanity after Netflix asks one too many times if you’re still watching… So let’s bunker down and work on something that’ll last long after all this is over!

Struggling to write a scene

Part one of two. It’s not easy exposing yourself by writing. Being human and open to abundant delightful needs, like to eat, sleep, work and whatnot, it’s nigh impossible to sit down and write an entire novel in one sitting. Hell, even writing a single chapter or a short story is hard! This post explores the myth of writer's block and ways to cope when struggling to write a scene...